Prayer for First Ladies

Lady Tamika Simmons

Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for all you are doing in the body of Christ though your chosen First Ladies. Lord, you know we are not ignorant of the devices that the enemy will use to destroy the marriages and families of your leadership.  My sincere prayer is that you equip every leading lady with the love she needs to exude grace, elegance, strength, tenacity, boldness,  and courage needed to stand in her position as a First Lady in her domain.

I pray that you give each First Lady registered on this site, a spirit of compassion that is Christ like. Give your angels charge over us in our lives. Lord, we ask a special prayer for First Lady Nina Bronner, our leading‘ Glow Lady’  that you will continue to bless her and her family and ministry as only you can. And " Finally! ", Lord help us to think daily on what soever things are pure honest and of good report because if there be any virture or praise,  then as First Ladies we think on these things.